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Are you an entrepreneur, executive, or leader looking to improve your business skills and get more done? Do you need inspiration, structure, and accountability to improve your business? Quest can help! 

TMD Coaching is thrilled to announce the launch of Quest, which enables our clients around the world in any industry to access our online or telephone based coaching and mentorship services. 

Quest is a mentorship platform that makes it easy for busy business leaders to connect their accountability partner. 

It allows you to check in with your business mentor and coach whenever it suits you, which means more time to get stuff done! 

Quest does all of this and more—and we're already excited about the growing our Quest community. Become a member today and start your journey of self-improvement, growth and success! 

Pre-Launch and Black Friday Pricing Is Currently Available (Limited Availability) 

Building your business takes time, hard work and determination, but it doesn't have to be as lonely or isolating as it seems. 

When we started Quest, we wanted to help more SMEs benefit from the accountability and support that comes from working with a mentor. 

So we decided to make our advice affordable and accessible. We wanted to create a format where we could offer affordable pricing and also allow for mentorship on-demand around busy schedules. 

As a result, during this pre-launch phase, we are offering a £99 per month pricing for the first 100 members - which begins with a 7 day trial, enabling you to try before you buy. 

If you want to take advantage of our early bird pricing, then now is the time to grab your spot! There is no guarantee that these spaces will still be around when we get to Black Friday.  Remember, this offer is only available for the first 100 members, so sign up now before the price goes up.

What Our Customers Are Saying 

At TMD Coaching, we take pride in the fact that our clients are truly satisfied with our services. We often receive feedback about our business coaching services, but we're even more excited now that our Quest program launched. 

"Oh, I really love what you have done with Quest - it's such a great idea, attending your last session really helped to clear my head." Ying Shi.

If you're interested in learning more about how Quest can help you reach your goals, there is an overview video that explains more here. 

What Else Do You Need to Know? 

Quest is an elite business coaching program, including video content and downloadable resources, covering the improvements that deliver operational excellence, with weekly Group Q&A or coaching sessions. 

It's not just learning about processes or theory; it's about hands-on support for your specific challenges. With Quest, we're not just giving you a plan—we're working with you and supporting your business journey. 

Think of Quest as a hybrid coaching and consulting offering where you can access your business advisor online. We've designed this program for busy entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses but don't have all the time in the world. 

Note that Quest is not a course — rather it's an elite group of like-minded entrepreneurs, who have access chosen to access their business coach in an on-demand and modern way, meaning they use our application to check-in when it works best for their calendars, in addition to any weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings.

The pre-recorded content, which is part of our 5PX coaching system - is simply a bonus that sits alongside the coaching. The benefit of this, is that clients and companies alike can view content that speaks to their issues, and then fast track the coaching conversation to work on areas that perhaps previously - they were not even aware, were concerns they held. 

Watch the overview video to learn more!

If you need someone who understands your unique challenges and will help you figure out how to implement changes, and truly deliver on process improvement - then that's what Quest is for. We provide coaching and accountability, but as a Quest member, we also show you how. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you have any questions about Quest or this press release, you can get in touch with us by via email -

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Tim Hatari

Tim Hatari helps businesses improve performance, creating strategic development plans and establishing structure via the 5PX Executive Business Coaching System. As CEO and Founder at TMD Coaching, he oversees the vision setting process with clients, leading on sales acquisition, the drive for operational excellence and market leading innovation. For Tim, helping others is the most rewarding part of the role. Follow or connect with Tim on Linkedin -

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