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Do you need a Finance Director?

Should you consider taking on a finance director for your business? This is a question many growing businesses of all types often consider. If you...
Author: Tim Hatari

Managing Late Payments

One of the more baffling credit control issues I come across among the businesses I work with is a reticence about getting paid. There’s a sense that...
Author: Tim Hatari

Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

What are bootstrap marketing ideas? For a start, these are ideas that rely upon thinking outside the box, as well as taking the time to recognise you...
Author: Tim Hatari

Why Hire a Business Coach?

Whilst there are a range of reasons, one of the main reasons for hiring a business coach or mentor is to gain access to their advice, strategic...
Author: Tim Hatari

Managing Change In Your Business

A Guide for Leaders Change is inevitable in the business world. Whether it's the result of changes to technology, the economy, or external pressures,...
Author: Tim Hatari
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