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Law: Unexpected Changes and the Impact of COVID-19

Always expect the unexpected A pre-requisite of any successful business is an appetite for risk. The impact of COVID-19 is certainly a huge challenge...
Author: Tim Hatari

Budgeting, Cloud Software and Accountants

How well do you know your financial situation? Money is one of the major causes of stress for business owners and often has people wondering whether...
Author: Tim Hatari

I Finally Slept After Working With a Coach

We spend about a third of our lives asleep – or at least we should. On average a healthy adult needs eight hours sleep per 24 hours. But statistics...
Author: Tim Hatari

How Does Coaching Differ From Counselling?

How Does Coaching Differ From Counselling? If you wait for crisis to strike before engaging the services of a coach, the role they play may seem like...
Author: Tim Hatari

10 Ways A Small Business Coach Can Help Your Business

How a Coach Can Help The valuable role a business coach can play in helping key personnel to improve their performance is now widely accepted. Four...
Author: Tim Hatari
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