How to Write a Business Plan: Your First Steps

How to Write a Business Plan?

It is a question that every budding entrepreneur needs to answer. A business plan is a necessity for acquiring funding, but it has benefits even if a business owner does not need a loan. The plan acts as a guideline to help remember goals and stay on track. It is also useful when considering a partnership because it gives a concise description of the path of the company. Here is what everyone should know about writing an effective business plan.

Start With Basics

Explain the service or product and list the target customers. Know how the company can support their customers better than the competition. Detail the competition that exists locally and online. The plan should include what makes the company unique and how it stands out from others that offer a similar product. Include any relevant data that proves there is a market for what the company offers.

Explain the Goals and the Budget

An effective marketing plan is one that has the numbers to prove their claims….

  • Show a need or desire for the service or product.
  • Every business of any size must understand budgeting.
  • Prove that the revenue can meet the expenses.
  • Remember all costs including the staff needed to meet customer demand, the cost of insurance, taxes and any commercial property purchases and/or rent, be it brick n’ mortar or virtual.
  • Include any investments, where funding will come from and any other factor that relates to the daily operation and future expansions of the organisation.

Make Some Changes

Business plans are not unchangeable to-do list. New ideas, partnerships, the local economy and changing technology affect the path a company takes. Many other events can also decide how a company adapts and grows. The plan must also adapt so it can remain relevant to the organisation.

Despite the perceived challenge of writing a business plan, some people will have no problem crafting the perfect plan for their company. Others will of course struggle, but no one should feel defeated because they cannot put their vision into words. It is perfectly acceptable to work with an outside party to organise ideas. Many of these companies use business plan software to speed up the process, enabling people to have their plans ready as soon as possible.

As you might have guessed, this article is deliberately brief to illustrate the fact that business planning can be over thought. It is simple enough to begin capturing your thoughts in a document, once you have a little direction.

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